Airtask Group recognise the value that Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) bring to the aviation world, and how important it is to safely integrate those systems into the existing airspace.

Airtask are therefore extremely pleased to be working with Advanced Protection Systems (APS) from Poland. APS provide a full Counter UAS system capable of protecting both the airspace surrounding airports plus also other national critical infrastructure and vulnerable locations.

Advanced Protection Systems were established in 2015 and are electronics specialists who have developed a world leading Counter UAS modular detection system available at commercially competitive prices. APS provide the design and manufacturing capability, whilst Airtask manage the safety, regulation, UK marketing and service provision. Between Airtask and APS, customers within the UK can be assured of receiving the highest quality design, manufacture, training and support for their C-UAS system.


This unique C-UAS system is called SKYctrl. It has recently been evaluated and accredited by the UK Government’s Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI). SkyCtrl now features in the CPNI secure catalogue which is available to critical infrastructure organisations.

SKYctrl is a truly modular system capable of protecting small individual locations or expanding to secure large areas such as international airports. APS specialise in designing the system using both Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components together with their own proprietary sensors.  The modular detection system typically comprises of:

  • A modular and fully configurable radar sensor with MIMO radar technology
  • Radar tracking based upon MHT (multi hypothesis tracking) algorithm
  • An acoustic sensor with direction finding capability
  • An RF sensor with ‘friendly’ listing capability
  • An Integrated and slew-able camera of the customer’s choice
  • Fully integrated proprietary jammer for UAS neutralisation (requires certification for use in the UK).
  • An easy to use web based application called ‘CyView’ for monitoring, configuration and controlling the system.

See more information in the Brochure link below,  and